Apply : you

Many college students expect to get the job of their dreams but most still lack the skills that it takes to win these coveted positions. Our WORKshops℠ help graduates win jobs by teaching them how to market themselves when others are content to use the same time-worn career counseling techniques.

Discover the Apply : you difference.

Real world programs that apply Madison Avenue marketing and differentiation techniques to help applicants stand out, get noticed and win jobs.

The A:Y difference

What we do

Apply : you runs a series of practical workshops to help students market their way to their first job in any career. Our approach improves the odds by teaching them the skills they need to use interviews as opportunities to pitch an engaging personal brand story rather than answering unpredictable questions.

Introduction Video

About You

The Student

You’ve put a tremendous amount of energy into a successful college education to help prepare you for your first real job, but getting one is going to be harder than ever before. Motivated graduates are looking for ways to get the edge they'll need to get the best jobs.

About You

The Parents

You've invested in an expensive college education because you want the best for your child. But their education shouldn't stop just because they've graduated. We teach practical, real-world skills that weren't taught at college to give them the edge they'll need to win their first real job in any career.

The Uncommon Application

Apply : you also works with college applicants to help them get into the school of their choice. While the Common Application makes things simpler and easier, its standardized nature creates commonality that makes it harder for applicants to stand-out. We work with applicants on a 1:1 basis to help them create an Uncommon Application, one that’s highly differentiated and includes an engaging essay that reads like a memorable story.