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Our Uncommon Application℠ workshops will help you create essays that work because they’re designed to be refreshingly different when compared to the common responses on most Common Applications. We apply Madison Avenue marketing and differentiation techniques to help you get noticed and get results. Unlike other consultants, we’re not educators or admissions alumni. We’re ad agency experts who understand the art of creating preference to gain acceptance.

Why Apply : you?

Because the essay is more important than ever before.
As more schools drop the SAT/ACT testing requirement, the essay is becoming the dominant part of the application. The application process has changed. Have you changed the way you’re thinking about your essay?

What Are Colleges Looking For?

“The best essay is one that helps us understand you. One that describes you so effectively that we have a clear image of who you are, almost as if we were in the same room together. Tell us something interesting about you that’s so irresistible that we’ll want to meet and become friends.”

-Ivy League Admissions Counselor

1:1 Essay Workshops

We approach the essay - not as a writing exercise - but as an opportunity to tell an engaging story i.e. a description of an interesting experience that expresses your strengths in a meaningful and memorable way.

Why a Story Instead of an Essay?

For admissions counselors who are used to reading familiar essays, stories stand out. Stories are more powerful than essays because they have a narrative that can convey deeper meaning and purpose. When the narrative is based on a universal truth, it reaches deeper into the psyche, making it easier for others to relate to the storyteller and to appreciate what they stand for.

Praise for our Workshops

  • With application numbers rising, the admissions process has become incredibly selective. Apply:you changed the odds by changing the way we had been thinking about the essay.
  • We were dreading the essay process until a friend told us about Apply:you. By treating the writing exercise as a storytelling opportunity, Apply:you took all of the pain out of the process. Imagine our surprise.
  • Apply:you truly is the most innovative resource in the college essay space. Their story-based approach is setting a new standard for what it takes to win.
  • As parents, we were struggling to get our daughter to focus on her essay. Apply:you stepped in and got it done, and she was amazed by what she was capable of. What a game-changer.
  • To get into our ED school, we knew we needed an amazing application. Apply:you made all the difference in the world by helping our son craft his best piece of writing ever. Congratulations to us. We did it!

Summer is the best time to write your essay.

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With the shift away from SAT/ACT scores, colleges are looking for compelling essays that make a memorable impression, yet few of them do.

Let us help you write the essay that colleges want to read.

Uncommon Application
Essay Workshop

Individualized Attention / 10 hours

~ Virtual Sessions ~

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Uncommon Application
Essay Workshop

5-Step Process

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A virtual session with the student and/or their parents
to fully describe the workings of a workshop.
Free*/No Obligation
(30 Minutes)

The use of our proprietary tools to help the applicant self-reflect to discover their “you” i.e. the unique skills and traits that define them and form the basis for their application story.
(3 Hours)

With the self-discovery exercise as input, we then brainstorm ideas, concepts and themes to begin to shape the applicant’s story.
(2 Hours)

Next, we outline the story, using proven frameworks to ensure that the elements of the story work together to create drama and interest.
(2 Hours)

Empowering the applicant to write their own story, themselves. We will review multiple drafts, providing only high level feedback to ensure that the appllcant is doing the writing.
(3 Hours)

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Workshop Leaders

All of our workshop leaders are inspirational marketing experts with a deep understanding of Madison Avenue's most effective branding and differentiation tactics. They are passionate about what they do and they enjoy giving back by helping young adults succeed.