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Our Workshops

All of us understand the attraction of the brands we love but we seldom think of ourselves as personal brands with unique traits that make us appealing to others. Apply : you helps people discover the power of their personal brand and to express that as a brand story that's highly engaging and influential. Our WORKshops apply proven Madison Avenue branding techniques to help our students successfully sell themselves while others are struggling to answer interview questions that they can't control.

Our WORKshops

Since job interviews are all about live interaction, so are we. In light of the Pandemic, we will be offering a mix of virtual and live sessions, available in three basic formats:

Special Intro. WORKshops 1 Hour / Overview
Group WORKshops 3 Hours / Varied Group Size
Personal WORKshops Individualized Attention

Available for a Limited Time

Special Intro. Sessions

Give the gift of Apply : you to your graduate. We're offering a Special 1-hour Introductory WORKshop for this graduation season introducing them to our proven branding and storytelling techniques that will improve the odds of them landing that first job.

Our Full Workshops

Group Sessions

Our Group WORKshops cover all of the fundamentals of personal brand marketing and teach you the essential skills you will need for a winning approach to your next interview. They are 3 hours in length and the size of the workshop varies in size based on location and time of year.

Our Full Workshops

Personal Sessions

Our most popular Personal WORKshops offer the same content as the larger 101 sessions with the benefit of personalized attention. They can also be used as a follow-up to the 101 session for attendees who want dedicated help crafting their differentiated brand.

On completion of the WORKshop, all attendees will receive a Workbook, a helpful step-by-step guide to help attendees craft their own unique approach modeled after the session’s examples..

Given that our workshops are designed to give job applicants a leg up versus their peers, we will systematically limit enrollment to preserve the advantage you've paid for. In light of this limit on numbers, we will fill WORKshops on a first-come first-served basis.

Workshop Leaders

All of our workshop leaders are inspirational marketing experts with a deep understanding of Madison Avenue's most effective branding and differentiation tactics. They are passionate about what they do and they enjoy giving back by helping young adults succeed.